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UHMWPE Fiber is one of three major hi-tech fibers(specifically the Carbon fiber, Kevlar, and UHMWPE)and the toughest fiber in the world. High Strength High Module Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber is made up of Ultrahigh Molecular Polyethylene(UHMWPE), passing frozen-glue silk and ultra-times drawing, The formal inter-binding and disorderly PE molecules are gradually unbinded, and reaches a high level of orientation and crystallization, making fiber light, soft, strong, modulus.

It has features of anti-UV, anti-lashing, anti-erosion and so on. Basic features are as follows:
    High strength:10 times Stronger than the high-quality steel of the same section in intension;
    High modulus: next to the super-class carbon fiber;
    Low density:0.97,and floatable on water;
    Anti-erosion¡ª¡ªanti-acerbity, anti-alkali, anti-seawater;
    Extraordinary anti-abrasive, flexible, anti-bend.

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