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Gotye bulletproof fabric is made by Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber (UHMWPE), also known as high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) or high-performance polyethylene (HPPE).
UHMWPE is 20 times stronger than steel and stronger, lighter and more durable than Kevlar and features soft quality, low specific gravity, waterproofed, resistance to dampness and chemical corrosion, and anti-UV radiation.
Gotye spent 4 year¡¯s study and research and 1 year¡¯s test with our partners and finally successfully developed a set of UD fabric machine. The machine adopts special craft that assure each thread can grab enough equal strong tension, so that the UHMWPE material can be equally laid and no overlapping exists.Then the non-woven layers are manufactured by laying yarns at exact 0 degree and 90 degree, and special craft is invented to guarantee the two layers are exactly vertical and in this way the UD fabric can perform excellently in ballistic test.
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